El Valle Sports Club

At the heart of El Valle schools there is a deep desire to instil in students a passion for physical activity and sports. In order to achieve this, initiatives are carried out that go beyond the facilities of each school, encouraging healthy competition, respect for one’s opponent, companionship, effort and teamwork between the different educational cycles and between teachers and students.

In addition to the sports arenas and the covered pavilion, El Valle school has a heated swimming pool for swimming, an activity that forms part of the school’s teaching programme from 1 year onwards.

Our Sports Club offers a wide range of sports activities with the idea that all students have the opportunity to practice and learn about different sports, so that they can choose the sport they enjoy most and/or that best suits their abilities.

In addition, all those students who are interested in sports and feel drawn to competition, the El Valle Sports Club has sports teams in the following disciplines: football, basketball, unihockey (also known as floorball), judo, indoor football and swimming.