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Secondary Education


The Middle Years Programme (MYP)


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) for application to the secondary stage provides a framework for learning that encourages students to develop into creative, critical and reflective thinkers who act responsibly in the future. The PAI emphasizes the intellectual challenge and allows them to make connections between disciplines of study and the real world. It encourages the development of communication skills, intercultural understanding and global commitment.

It is therefore essential to adapt the evaluation criteria to this approach and learning system. The PAI system is assessed out of 8 instead of out of the traditional 10 points of the Spanish system, but it is not only the knowledge, nor the principle that counts, there are also tests carried out which ultimately also define the final mark. Since the aim is to teach students to communicate well, to think critically, and to be reflective or inquirers, these principles work inside and outside the classroom is based, as well as the parameters used to value teachers.


See the evaluation criteria table below for each group of subjects:

In terms of methodology in the classroom, it is essential that students are able to present individual prepared or group projects, which additionally, will be part of their daily activity. They must be able to clearly convey that knowledge to the rest of their companions, they should reflect on their practical applications or imagine new solutions in a consistent and creative manner, as well as having a critical opinion on the information they have obtained. What’s more, they must never forget to cite their sources.


Personal Investigation project


As a culmination of their learning, students in upper secondary education carry out a personal research project. Their intellectual and practical skills are developed through the design, analysis and scientific research, for which they must:

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