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Physical education, and El Valle sports club 


In the essence of El Valle there is a deep desire to instill in students a taste for sport and physical activity, which are initiatives carried out that even transcend the facilities of each center, and which promote healthy competition, respect for the adversary, companionship, effort and teamwork between different school years and also between teachers and students.



 Unihockey, indoor football, basketball.






 Waterpolo tournament, Internal league  finals, school Olympics.                            



 Olympics between El Valle schools.

 Which takes place every 3 years.     




Beyond the sports courts and the covered pavilion, El valle also has a heated pool to practice swimming, an activity that is part of the programming of physical education classes from 3 years old.


Our Sports Club offers a wide range of sports activities with the idea that all students have the opportunity to practice and learn different sports, they can be themselves, choose the sport they enjoy and / or more that best suits their skills.

In addition, those students for whom sport is a major worry in their lives and are drawn to competitions, El Valle Sports club participates in regional and national competitions in the practice of swimming with good minimum marks just like in Unihockey , also known as Floorball, a sport for which we are the forerunners nationwide. We soon hope to meet the same level in different styles of Athletics.







             El Valle Sports Club Alicante




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